The Arborgate Homeowner’s Association is continually working to improve the safety and beauty of our community. Our current emphasis lies in solving issues on several fronts. We have divided these tasks into four projects: lighting, pool area and barriers, community entrance, and irrigation. These projects are being planned and executed over an extended period of time in order to avoid any special assessments.

The lighting project is composed of two parts. The first part will bring the illumination of visitor parking spaces in conformance with Miami-Dade regulations. The second part entails refurbishing the dilapidated light poles and fixtures in the rest of the community.

Project Plan (Pt.1)
•  Install (2) new poles and (10) new LED light fixtures in order illuminate visitor parking spaces as per Miami-Dade regulations.

Project Plan (Pt.1)
•  Install new energy saving 24 new LED light fixtures on the remaining street light poles. These acorn fixtures are more attractive and efficient than the current type.
•  Refurbish and paint the 24 street light poles.
•  Plant a ring of barrier bushes around the concrete base of each street light pole

This project is designed to maintain the aesthetic quality of our community’s main amenity and protect both the pool and the neighborhood from intrusions by persons from outside of our community.

Project Plan
•  Install a uniform series of barrier bushes and palm trees along the outside perimeter of the pool.
•  Install iron fencing atop the wall that surrounds the pool. This fence will conform to the look and feel of the community’s existing structures.
•  Replace diseased palm trees inside pool area.
•  Install bollards in front of pool gate entrance to ensure that residents can easily access the pool area.
•  Paint pool parking area
•  Install and enlarge wooden fences and barrier hedges at the borders of the community.

This project is meant to ensure that the face of our community reflects the quality of life that our residents have come to expect.

Project Plan
•  Repaint the entrance driveway.
•  Replace faded entrance signs.
•  Paint bollards and apply new reflective tape to bollards and barrier poles.
•  Install missing components missing from the fence along the perimeter wall
•  Replace old plants on the West side of the community entrance with foliage that matches the rest of the plants in that area.

The irrigation project is designed to get ahead of this year’s dry season and ensure that residents’ front lawns remain green throughout the year.

Project Plan
•  Install (3) new sprinkler pumps to replace old, broken units. The new pumps will have higher horse power and efficiency ratings.
•  Replace/relocate sprinkler heads to maximize irrigation areas.

Our maintenance person works hard to maintain the community clean and in good repair. This includes cleaning the pool bathrooms, repairing sprinklers, replacing broken fence planks, painting driveways, and much more. In addition to managing special projects like those cited above, our board and management company representative are responsible for making sure that vendors perform year-round tasks in a proper and timely manner. These tasks include landscaping, servicing the pool, treating the lake, repairing the entrance gate, and more.