At Kendall Lakes East Patio Homes, new residents can expect to enjoy the beauty and safety of a well-kept suburban community. Amenities include surveillance-enhanced gated entry, renovated pool area, and access to lakeside green areas. To help ensure the safe enjoyment of everything our community has to offer, prospective homeowners and renters must successfully complete the screening process described in the Arborgate Application Packet. Please download the Arborgate Application Packet and follow the instructions on pages one and two. Be sure to read the community bylaws and rules and regulations. They contain essential information regarding parking, pets, speed limits, changes to your home, trash collection, and more.

NOTE: In accordance with Article VII, Section 5 of the Declaration of Restrictions and Protective Covenants, unit owners must personally occupy their Unit for a period of two (2) years from the date of their purchase of the Unit, before they will be allowed to rent their Unit to third parties.

Residents of Arborgate Patio Homes can use a remote control (clicker) to enter the community through the resident’s entrance. A single key is used to open both the pedestrian access gate and the pool gate. Purchasers and lessees can obtain a remote control and a Pedestrian/Pool Gate Key from the owner or seller of the unit.

Upon application approval your telephone number will be programmed into the telephone entry system that visitors must use to gain access to the community. Your telephone number will be represented by a three-digit code. Therefore, your telephone number will not be visible to visitors using the call box at the entrance to the community.

New residents that do not receive a clicker and a key and/or do not see their name among those listed in the call box at the entrance to the community should send an email to [email protected].

NOTE: Each remote control (clicker) is $35 and each Pool/Pedestrian Gate Key is $25.