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As of May 2015, the monthly maintenance fee is $127.50. Payment is findbride comments due on the 1st of each month. Payments received after the 15th will result in a late charge of $25.
Homeowners can use one the following methods to send their payments:

Payment coupon book: Homeowners can use a payment coupon book to send their monthly Association fee via U.S. mail. The payment coupon book contains 12 preprinted payment stubs that feature the due date, account number and amount due. Each month, the homeowner detaches a stub and sends it, along with payment, to the lockbox address printed on the stub. Payment coupon books are provided by the community’s property management company, Exclusive Management Group, at the beginning of each calendar year. Upon purchasing their unit, new homeowners receive a payment coupon book with stubs for the remaining months of the year.

Online payments: Homeowners can set up an automatic bank-to-vendor payment. Simply log on to your bank’s website, enter the Arborgate account information printed on your payment coupon stub and authorize your bank to electronically transfer money from your account. You can usually choose to do this manually for each billing cycle or have your bills automatically paid on the same day each month. In some cases, the bank will create and send a paper check to the Association’s lockbox. This can take several days to accomplish so it is important to time the transaction properly. Homeowners can schedule their payment several days in advance to make sure that it reaches the Association’s lockbox by the first of each month.

Exclusive Management Online Payment System: The community’s property management company, Exclusive Management Group, provides an online PayLease system that homeowners can use to make monthly maintenance fee payments. Simply create an account, select Arborgate in the dropdpwn menu and enter the amount of the payment ($127.50). The PayLease system allows homeowners to use a credit card or transfer money directly from their bank account. They can also set up automatic monthly payments. Visit the Paylease FAQ webpage for detailed instructions on how to use the system.

PO BOX 160698
MIAMI, FL 33116-0698

Arborgate maintenance fees are directed to the Arborgate HOA lockbox. In banking, a lockbox is a service offered by commercial banks to simplify collection and processing of payments. The payments made by homeowners are directed to a special post office box. The Association’s bank, Executive National Bank, then retrieves the payments and deposits the funds directly into the Association’s account.

PO BOX 160698
MIAMI, FL 33116-0698

The funds collected from homeowners are used to pay for utilities, government fees, and insurance, as well as the maintenance and improvement of community amenities and grounds. Please see the Finances page for more information.

Alterations visible from the exterior of homes are strictly limited and governed by Article VIII, Section 2 of the Arborgate Patio Homes Bylaws. For example, the exterior of all homes must maintain the approved color scheme. However, there are provisions for storm shutters, security bars, and driveway expansions. Homeowners must describe all proposed alterations in the Arborgate Architectural Form and submit it to Arborgate Patio Homes HOA for approval. Architectural Forms can be downloaded at arborgatepatiohomes.com and sent to [email protected]. Please see the Arborgate Rules and Regulations for more details.
The paint colors used on the exterior of homes were originally based on the Sears’ color catalog. However, Sears no longer sells their exterior Weatherbeater brand in South Florida. In order to maintain the original colors, we have taken the original Sears paint chips and had them matched at Rainbow Benjamin Moore and Home Depot.

Rainbow Benjamin Moore keeps our colors on file. Simply tell the clerk that you are from Arborgate Patio Homes (AKA: Kendall Lakes East Patio Homes) and they will provide you with a match of the original Sears Navajo White used on the walls and the Sears Barcelona Brown used on the wood trim. Customers can choose among different lines of Benjamin Moore brands, like Aura and Regal, but the finish should be either flat/matte or satin.

If you prefer Home Depot’s Behr brand, please print this PDF file and take it to Home Depot’s paint department. The PDF contains the paint codes that match Sears’ Navajo White and Barcelona Brown. Behr has three tiers of paint, Marquee, Premium Plus Ultra and Premium Plus. The codes provided are for the the Premium Plus Ultra and the Premium Plus in both matte and satin finishes.

NOTE: Do not use the Navajo White or Barcelona Brown from the Benjamin Moore or Behr color catalog because these are not the same as the original Sears colors used on Arborgate homes.

The same key is used to access the pool and the pedestrian gate. To purchase a key, please send a request to [email protected]. Make sure to include your full name and address. Each key is $25 and each Arborgate household can purchase a total of two keys.
To purchase a clicker, please send a request to [email protected]. Make sure to include your full name and address. Each remote control is $35. The number of remote controls that a homeowner or resident can purchase is contingent upon the occupancy level of their particular unit and the automobiles registered with the Arborgate HOA.
The telephone number of each Arborgate resident is programmed into the telephone entry system so that their visitors can gain access to the community. Each telephone number is represented by a three-digit code. Therefore, residents’ telephone numbers are not visible to visitors using the call box at the entrance to the community. Please send an email to: [email protected] to have your telephone number added to the callbox. Please include your full name and address.
In order to establish residence at Kendall Lakes East Patio Homes, new buyers and renters must meet the criteria established by the Arborgate HOA in accordance with the community’s bylaws. Homeowners must have any prospective buyer or renter complete a screening application for approval prior to taking up residence in the community. Background screening is designed to safeguard the community from persons that may pose a danger to residents. Homeowners that do not follow the screening procedure will be fined and their tenants will be evicted.

NOTE: In accordance with Article VII, Section 5 of the Declaration of Restrictions and Protective Covenants, unit owners must personally occupy their Unit for a period of two (2) years from the date of their purchase of the Unit, before they will be allowed to rent their Unit to third parties.

Please submit screening applications to:
Rolando Cerit
Exclusive Management
5201 Blue Lagoon Dr, 8 Floor
Miami Fl 33126
T. 305.274.5244 • F.305.256.9996
[email protected]

Please visit the Documents page to view and download community documents.
As of May, 2015 renters are not permitted to park commercial vehicles in Arborgate Patio Homes. This includes windowless vans that were previously permitted and any vehicle with commercial markings of any kind. Renters who parked windowless work vans within the community prior to this change are exempt from this provision until their current lease expires.

NOTE: Delivery and repair service vehicles cannot remain in the community overnight and must park in their customer’s (Arborgate resident) parking space.

No. The trees in common areas cannot be trimmed, cut, or removed for any reason. This includes the trees in front of homes beyond the wall that encloses the front yard, and the trees along the outside perimeter of the community. This policy is strictly enforced to protect our natural environment and property values.

The Arborgate HOA is responsible for trimming trees. This is done a few trees at a time throughout the year. Trimming trees throughout the year on a rotational basis avoids the need to issue a costly special assessment. Please see the Landscaping and Trees section of the Rules and Regulations or send an email to [email protected] for more details.

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